Discuss mcdonald-s is lovin global growth

Answer the following:

a. McDonald’s is Lovin’ Global Growth
Q1. Do you think that at some point in your career you will become involved in international management? Explain.
Q2. Assuming that you are involved in managing a McDonald’s in Japan, what challenges do you think will be the most difficult for you to meet? Why?

Q3.  Evaluate the following statement: McDonald’s can learn to manage its U.S. operations better by studying how successful competitive operations are managed in other countries.
b. Jarden Extends its Global Reach
Q1.  As Jarden continues to expand globally, what challenges do you envision for the company in maintaining quality control over the products produced?
Q2.  If Martin Franklin asked your advice on how to assist in adjusting employees of Mapa Spontex to Jarden’s organizational culture, what would you suggest?
Q3.  What are the pros and cons of growing a multinational business through acquisitions?
C. Root Capital
Q1. Describe Root Capital’s strategy for staffing their operations in Africa and Latin America.
Q2. How do you think the mission of Root Capital impacts the organization’s corporate culture?
Q3. Explain the international strategy of Root Capital.
a. Introducing Patagonia’s Idealistic Founder, Yvon Chouinard
Q1. Why do you think Patagonia will be able to maintain its entrepreneurial culture in spite of its growth and increased size?  Why or why not?
Q2. In your opinion, what were the key factors in determining Yvon Chouinard’s success as the entrepreneur who founded Patagonia?
Q3. As you look into the future, what do you think represents a bigger threat to Patagonia: established companies like Columbia Sportswear or smaller, entrepreneurial companies?  Explain.
b. Turning a Hobby into a Multimillion Dollar Business
Q1. What are the risks of managing a business like Heritage Auction Galleries?
Q2. How would you evaluate Steve Ivy’s opportunity identification and opportunity exploitation?
Q3. How would you evaluate Steve Ivy’s opportunity identification and opportunity exploitation?
Q1. How would you characterize the mission and goals of Boston Boxing and Fitness?
Q2. Does Boston Boxing and Fitness qualify as an entrepreneurial venture? Explain why or why not
Q3. What is the essence of Boston Boxing and Fitness, in the eyes of owner Ed LaVache? What does he think he is selling to his customers? Explain. What challenges and risks does he describe?

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