Discuss formal career plan

Discuss the following win a 2 paragraphs each:

1. Have you ever had a formal career plan? If so, briefly describe the plan. If not, describe what your ideal career plan would look like. How would having a formal plan like this be an asset to you as an employee? How would it help you be an asset to the organization? Describe at least two reasons why you feel this way and use at least two outside sources to defend your answers.

2. Promoting Internally At one time, the idea of an organization promoting from within was seen as all good with no downside. But is it true that this is really the best way for an organization to go? Consider a time when you saw someone promoted and it was a positive situation, and think of one in which the outcome was not so positive. Briefly describe both of these outcomes, and using at least two sources, describe why these outcomes were either positive or negative.

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