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The basis of any research paper is the evidence/data that is presented in it to test your hypothesis/thesis. The data/evidence will come from primary, credible, peer-reviewed sources, and this week’s assignment will focus on these sources. The following criteria must be met:

1. Conduct a literature review on qualitative or quantitative articles and find six to eight peer-reviewed primary research articles that provide critical support for the specific health care administration problem or barrier you want to address in your Business Research Paper. Should that the article should be based on. Describe the health care administration issue or barrier. Summarize the stakeholders affected by the health care issue or barrier. Discuss the relevance the health care administration problem as it relates to business research.

2. Review articles are great, but they are secondary sources which discuss results from a combination of primary sources.  So you can use these reviews to find the primary articles that can be used for this project.

3. The more sources you have, to more evidence you will have to effectively address your specific issues/barrier
4. Use the "Literature Review: Table of Evidence" template (HLT-364-RS-TableofEvidence.docx) to document your detailed assessment of each primary study. This document helps break down the components of each article to ensure the article meets the requirements for a professional health care paper. Ensure that each of your articles provides information that meets each criterion listed. Give a detailed and clear explanation when describing how each article supports your business research topic

Q: Describe the barrier/health care administration issueaddressed in your Business Research Paper ?

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