Discuss about the given summary and answer the following

Reply to each summary on your thoughts to the subject. You must reply saying something within the subject matter. You can agree or disagree, or even add on. There are two responses/questions. The response has to be 2-3sentences no more.

1.Covert action is one of the tools implemented by policy makers to carry out foreign policy activities. Covert actions is a major form of spying under the radar.

Covert action is very controversial, especially when it comes to renditions, which is similar to 'Americas Most Wanted' , it's a search and seinure of a person usually in a foreign country that our Federal Government is permitted against going into. Another form of rendition is when the foreign country has knowledge of the person bei sou after and they turn a blind eye.

Another controversial action can easily occur when Idealists try and intervene Internal Affairs and, by try to protect one part, initially another state of Internal Affairs will be violated.

2.Covert action is controversial because everything is done behind the public's back. When the U.S. conducted the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden it wasn't a guarantee that he was even there; only a good probability. The mission was a success, but what we don't know is the other operations that haven't been successful. If the public found out of operations that have been failure's; it will cause an out roar
The other issue is the operations that were risky; such as during the Reagan administration they provide arms to Afghan rebels. They were able to repel the Soviets, but the end result they kept these guns. Covert aid can be lead to other problems down the road; an example of this is looking at today's current problem with ISIS. The objective is to help the rebels, but eventually those guns can be used against them.


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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss about the given summary and answer the following
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