Discuss a controversial ethical

Discuss the below:

1. Pick a controversial ethical topic.

2. Decide where you stand on your topic and WHY. Pick which ethical approach helps justify your belief on the topic.

3. You should do research on the topic and present that research. A good topic of choice will feature at least two reputable sources for each side (a total of four references). Unbiased articles and academic studies are best.

4. You will write a 7-10 slide presentation using PowerPoint (or another presentation software approved by your instructor). Present both sides of the issue fairly, then justify your viewpoint. End with at least two ethical discussion questions about the topic for the class to discuss. Include a slide that lists your references in APA format (see presentation outline below).

5. Make sure your PowerPoint features an appropriate number of slides and presents the information as clearly as possible. Avoid including slides with too many words, lack of clarity and poor grammar. Use illustrations where appropriate. Move large chunks of text to the notes section of the slide.

6. You will post your presentation (the PowerPoint file) (Topic of Choice Presentation discussion). Make sure you comment on the discussion questions in at least two classmates' presentations.

Outline for Presentation

1. The first slide should include the name of the presentation AND your name.

2. The next slides will explain the topic and a quick summary of both sides. Use your research to objectively(your opinion will come later) present the facts and opinions of both sides fairly. Cite the research you used, including quotations. This should take several slides to do in some depth. Use the notes section if you feel the slides are becoming too crowded (should be 3+ slides).

3. The next slide should list your sources in APA format.

4. The next slide is your opinion. Present your own opinion on the controversy. You must explain WHY you believe what you do. Also, tie your opinion to one of the ethical approaches we've studied. Put it in the slide and explain WHY that is the right approach. (Ex. "Utilitarianism. The right approach offers the greatest good for the greatest number.").

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