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  Different types of managerial functions of managers  

Answer all questions.

Question1) Define Management. Discuss the different types of managerial functions of managers in the context of libraries.

Question2) Briefly explain the meaning of library’s organisational structure. Mention the factors that influence the decision regarding the organisational structure of a library.

Question3) What do you understand by a cquisition? Discuss the problems associated with the procurement of books in a library.

Question4) Identify the tools available for selection of non-book materials. Explain the importance of such tools for a library.

Question5) Define the term ‘periodical’. Examine the factors involved in planning for selection of periodicals for a university library

Question6) Discuss the routines and procedures involved in the process of cataloguing and classification of library materials.

Question7) What is meant by library binding? Explain the steps involved in the process of binding.

Question8) Critically examine the characteristics and differences between Browne Charging System and Newark Charging System used in libraries.

Question9) Write short notes on any two of the following:

a) Taylor’s principles of management

b) Shelf rectification


d) Microform reading equipment

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