Develop your own company modular


A Project Management Process / System Modeling Method

Follow this structure for your assignment:

• Title, Author's Name, Class, Date, eLearning Pack serial number (a MUST, else I cannot assess your work!)

• Statement on who has done the work EACH individual, and this is true for all assignments, must submit an assignment by himself/ herself!

• Contents

• Introduction and Objectives of the Project. In each assignment in this class please focus on What Problems You Want to Solve and How?

This will make you a more efficient and better professional.

• A brief description of the methodologies applied.

• The Main Body of the project:

 1. PROCESS MODEL: Develop your own company's modular, object-oriented quality project / system model/ process model in ISO standard CIMpgr. Your model basically should explain how your company processes work. You remember in Assignment 0 you set up a company, now here you explain your project-management focus operations, processes, activities, data flows, etc. SImple as that! ... Use the process model templates in the eBook with your content and designs too; don't copy-paste only.... read the web article specified below). Visio 2003 version is compatible with the templates, and is available FREE from NJIT (as a free download for students), or for some days free from Microsoft over the web. Obviously you can use any other good 2D drawing tool too. (I use the best, OmniGraffle, but it works only on the Mac; sorry no MS version is available.)

2. PROCESS MODEL: MAIN PROCESSES: Create and show your main processes that relate to total quality project management.

 3. COLLABORATION: Also show how your (real or made up) company can collaborate in terms of designing quality andGreen Engineering into every product/ process / service. More on Green Engineering here:

4. MORE COLLABORATION: Collaborate with companies given to you in your eLearning Pack (there are 4 companies you have to collaborate with; explain HOW you are planning to do this together with THEM. YOU MUST WORK WITH THEM; THEY should be able to help you... sorry; the boss insists...).

5. PD: Process Descriptions (PDs) and the

6. DD: Data Dictionaries (DDs); The new eBook version has a lot on DDs and PDs, please incorporate at least one of the listed methods and show me that you have read it... also, as further examples see the ADAM with IT Electronic Journal research articles with examples on the web for a good overview at Please note, that if you just use plain English for PD and DD instead of the more structured and formal methods described in the eBook you'll loose a lot of grade points in this assignment!

7. PANORAMA NAVIGATION MAP: In the eBook please find the panoramic navigation map of a small USA town with 360 degree panoramas (very cool new technology I have created and programmed with my brother). Find this panorama set in the eBook, review it and explain how you could use this technology for understanding civil and construction engineering, and other project management processes, for modeling processes, and for improving processes. Write about 250 words on this after having reviewed the panoramic navigation objects, as well as the related links with more pictures, videos and other objects. Please do not ask me to find it for you in the eBook; IF you read it, you'll find it... Also, you'll find some gyro-enabled 360 degree panorama links in the eBook. These also relate closely to civil and construction engineering management / any other project management. Please review these too and write about any 2 of them as above.

8. INVENT & MANAGE: Note, that this is an opportunity for you to INVENT a NEW quality focused process and then project manage this change, and show us how you would do this, by documenting this change process using our process modeling method, based on the formalism and spirit of international quality standards (ISO).

9. Last, but not least do not forget your social networking content at the end of this assignment, as part of it. (In every assignment this is an executive summary, with a hyperlink to the rest of the material you have documented, based on discussions with your classmates on articles I have sent you by email, all on your web site, NOT in a separate file attached to an email! This part of the assignment reflects your active participation in the class based on discussions of the articles I am emailing you every week or so...)

• Summary (i.e. what has been achieved)

• Further work needed / proposed

• References and Bibliography (including the CDs, DVDs, the Internet as a main source of information)

• Appendix (- if necessary, e.g. drawings, diagrams)






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