Develop the methods of the marketing research process


Research Proposal Group Project

We choose Tesla company and please focus on AI activities!!!

1: includes the Executive Summary, Research (problem) Statement and Research Objectives segments. (1500 words)

2: includes the Literature Review ( previous research gaps or question not answered )and Importance / Benefits of the Study segments.(1500 words)

Class content you can take a look:

Course Description This course will provide a comprehensive discussion of marketing and economic research and analysis, its key concepts, process description, qualitative and quantitative techniques for marketing research and data analysis, and application scenarios. Students will gain an appreciation for some of the breadth and depth of this subject and its significance for the business enterprise - both from start-up entrepreneurship as well as an established business organization. Understanding research fundamentals, forming valid research questions, designing research methodology, collecting and analyzing data and writing research reports to help direct organization's responsiveness to industry change shapes the structure of this course.

Course Content and Objectives The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the marketing research process. The emphasis is on how to conceptualize and conduct a marketing research project, as well as on how to use research as an aid for marketing management decisions. A fundamental skill possessed by successful marketing managers is the ability to ethically obtain and use factual information within the managerial decision-making process. Students will learn how to design, interpret, and apply marketing research and analysis toward business situations. The learning outcomes for this course are to:

1. Develop the student's ability to execute a marketing research project by learning the concepts and technical methods of the marketing research process.

2. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different research designs relative to market data collection techniques and strategic decision-making.

3. Learn the comparative advantages and disadvantages of secondary and primary data collection strategies.

4. Understand how to organize, analyze and interpret market research data.

5. Utilize data to make specific and strategic marketing recommendations that will improve an organizations' market performance.

6. Structure a research report for different constituents within the business organization.

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Marketing Management: Develop the methods of the marketing research process
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