Develop a windows excel spreadsheet to design a simple gap


One aspect of a GAP analysis is designed to show the difference between where a company is and where it wants to be. The areas of consideration might be different for each department. The financial department would consider the growth in sales versus the cost of labor and goods. Human resources would want to know the employee turnover rate, and sick leave ratio. Subjective information from customer evaluation sheets and mystery shoppers can also give useful information.


•Develop a Windows Excel spreadsheet to design a simple GAP table and interactive graph for the Sales department.

•Use your own data for the following considerations. Some of these will be subjective data from responses on customer evaluation sheets; others (sales) will be objective from sales and inventory statistics.

GAP table should include 3 headers (columns): Same period last year (SPLY), current week data, GAP or difference.

Interactive Graph - for the GAP table

Business - Mrs. Bee's Popcorn Company specializes in custom popcorn mixes, party gifts and tins, and monogramed memorabilia containers.

Considerations (Lines) - Helpfulness of staff, wait time in line, overall selection of items, diversity of products, quality and freshness of product line, sales.

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Other Management: Develop a windows excel spreadsheet to design a simple gap
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