Develop a personal international awareness


FORUM: Diversity and Settings

Please choose one of the questions below to discuss and indicate in your post which question you have chosen.

A. Family Life Education takes place place in a number of different settings. Choose two or three FLE settings of interest to you and then discuss the characteristics of these settings. Think about some of the challenges that you believe might come up when providing FLE programming in the settings you have chosen. Discuss these challenges but do not just list the challenges noted in our textbook. Come up with some of your own ideas and tells us why you believe these might be an issue. Think outside of the box. Support your discussion.


The need for FLE service providers to be culturally competent in our global world is is becoming more and more critical to the field as diversity is becoming more the norm in our society. In your own words discuss how you might develop your personal international awareness when it comes to working with families from other cultures. What are some ways to develop FLE programs that promote multicultural understanding? Why are FLE methods used in the USA not universal? Support your discussion.

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Business Law and Ethics: Develop a personal international awareness
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