Develop a middle adolescence


Required Readings

Blume, L. B., & Zembar, M. J. (2007). Middle childhood to middle adolescence. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson [Vital Source e-reader].

"Affective Development in Middle Adolescence"In this chapter, the author describes how personality, self-understanding, and emotional competence develop during middle adolescence. Focus on the different ways in which identity develops during middle adolescence.

"Social Development in Middle Adolescence"This chapter provides an overview of how adolescents' relationships with friends, romantic partners, and family members typically develop. Focus on the role that attachment plays in the way adolescents interact with others, as well as factors that influence gender and sexual identity formation.

"Beyond Middle Adolescence: Emerging Adulthood"In this chapter, the author defines and describes emerging adulthood. Focus on how the definition of adulthood has changed throughout history, and the developmental milestones and theoretical perspectives that characterize emerging adulthood.

Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2011). Understanding the Adolescent Brain, [Video file].

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 7 minutes.

In this video, Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang discusses the relationship between the brain and the emotional development of adolescents. Focus on possible links between brain activity and emotional reactions and regulation.


1. Explain the stages of gender development that take place during middle adolescence. Then, explain at least two factors that contribute to heteronormativity during middle adolescence.

2. How would you characterize close relationships in middle adolescence? Identify and describe at least three different types of relationships that typically occur during middle adolescence, including their importance to social development.

3. Identify five types of identity that develop during middle adolescence. Choose one type and explain factors that influence it and why it is important to affective and/or social development during middle adolescence.

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