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  Determine current cost of equity  

Your task is to determine CDW’s current cost of equity. Since the company is not yet publicly traded1, you need to estimate its cost of equity from a set of comparable companies. Use ‘Hamada’s Equation’2 to adjust for the impact of corporate debt on a firm’s cost of equity. Assume that CDW’s target debt ratio3, D/(E+D), is similar to its ratio of ‘long-term liabilities’ to ‘total assets’, that is, $3.731B/$5.700B ≈ 65%.

[1 CDW’s Form S-1 filing:]
[2 Hamada’s equation is explained at's_equation]
[3 The target debt ratio, D/(E+D), is different from the target debt-to-equity ratio, D/E!]

Question1 ) While adjusting for each firm’s debt level, estimate CDW’s cost of equity based on the following 5 companies: Apple Inc. (AAPL) Dell Inc. (DELL) EMC Corporation (EMC) SanDisk Corp. (SNDK) Seagate Technology Public Limited Company (STX)

Question 2) Select your own set of comparable companies and re-estimate CDW’s cost of equity.

Question 3) Explain why the set of comparables you selected is preferable to the set listed in Question 1.

Question 4) Explain how you forecast the risk-free rate (rf) and the excess return on the market (rmkt-rf).

Take a prinout of your write-up

Guidelines for formatting your Case Write-up

•    One inch margins on each side; double Line spacing
•    Cover page with group name, individual names in alphabetical order, assignment name, submission date.
•    Structured write-up (with subheadings if appropriate)
•    Maximum of four (4) pages
•    Appendix: Maximum of three (3) pages (for tables, graphs). Needs to be formatted.
•    Professional layout; Page numbers; Clearly labeled Tables, Names, Graphs, Exhibits

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