Determine both electro-dipole and magneto-dipole transitions


Assuming that the system is illuminated by a monochromatic electromagnetic wave propagating along y-axis and polarized along z-axis, find the allowed transitions between two-electron states and find their respective transition rates. Consider both electro-dipole and magneto-dipole transitions. The perturbation Hamiltonian for magneto-dipole transitions has the following form

md = e/2me B(0,t) nB [(Lˆ1 + 2Sˆ1)+ (Lˆ2 + 2Sˆ2)] ,

where B(0, t) is the magnetic field of the light and you have to determine the direction of the magnetic field, nB. using Maxwell equations. The lower indexes 1 and 2 at the angular momentum and spin operators refer to the particle one or two. The electric-dipole perturbation potential also includes summation over the two particles:

ed = -e (r1 + r2) E

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Physics: Determine both electro-dipole and magneto-dipole transitions
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