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  Describing mode3 of 8051 serial ports

1. Describe the operating mode0 of 8051 serial ports in detail.

2. Describe the operating mode2 of 8051 serial ports in detail.

3. Describe the mode3 of 8051 serial ports in detail.

4.Write down a program to carry out multiplication of 2 numbers by using 8051.

5. Write down the addressing modes of 8051.

6. Explain about CALL statement in 8051 in detail.

7. Explain about the jump statement in detail.

8. Write down a program to load accumulator ,DPH,&DPL by using 8051.

9. What do you mean by subroutine or procedure?

10. What is the role of SWAP?

11. Explain Assembly Language Program with suitable disgram.

12. What do you mean by debugging.


Describing mode3 of 8051 serial ports

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Course: Electrical Engineering

Ref. No:- TGS09231

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