Describe the various dimensions of how the state government


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• The state that we picked is Oregon

Students will discover and describe the various dimensions of how the state government and its county governments raise their revenue.

This Report should describe the sources where the state government derives its revenue. Please note also the amount and share of total revenue which is a transfer from the Federal Government. (Some states get money from the Federal Government and some do not - on net this makes the who citizens who pay federal income taxes in those states that do not get money, the source of revenue for those states that do get Federal money.)

The State Income Tax System -

• How progressive is the tax?

• (report the brackets & percentages)

• Does the state have any "Alternative Minimum Tax"

• Is the income tax a "Flat Tax" - what are the implications of that for the economy of the state?


1. Public Finance- Government Revenues And Expenditures In The United States Economy

By Randall G. Holcombe

3. Reading the article: How do cfos make capital budgeting and capital structure decisions?

by John Graham and Campbell Harvey

3. Public Finance and Public Policy

By Jonathan Gruber

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Macroeconomics: Describe the various dimensions of how the state government
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