Describe the health care administration issue

Write a paper within a word limit of 1200 to 1500 words and an effective evidence-based business research paper .
To develop your draft, use

1. The logic model that you completed to develop the outline of your paper, and

2. The literature review that you completed to provide the evidence/information/data to support your hypothesis/claims being made throughout your draft.

a. You need to make sure that you cite these 6-8 credible, primary peer-reviewed sources in support the information that you provide in your paper, plus any other sources that you use to address the below criteria (you can never have too many credible sources to support your information)

b. Within your draft make sure you cover the following 6 criteria

1. Describe the health care administration issue or barrier you are addressing.

1. Give the pertinent background/introductory information regarding your topic/issue of choice, and define your specific hypothesis/thesis/focus of your paper towards the end of this section

2. Discuss resources needed, including key stakeholders, and the role they play in your plan.

1. This must be expanded from the information provided in your logic model

2. Identify any external or internal regulations that must be considered to ensure compliance with any legislative, institutional, or agency policy or expectation.

1. Considering that the healthcare industry is heavily regulated by federal and state governments, and there are numerous laws in place related to a multitude of aspects of the healthcare industry, make sure you describe the regulations/laws that specifically related to your chosen barrier/issue.

2. Describe the organizational and strategical development structures/processes that address the problem.

1. Once you describe the issue/barrier (criteria 1), the inputs and stakeholders (criteria 2) and any governing laws (criteria 3), you need to discuss programs/policies/processes that are have been implemented, are being implemented, and/or could be implemented to address this issue or alleviate the barrier.

2. Make sure you include detailed information regarding the success or failure of these programs/policies/processes are addressing the issue of focus.

3. Present strategies for communicating your proposed plan

1. After describing the available evidence/data regarding your chosen issue/barrier, develop a plan to address this issue/barrier and then describe potential strategies that you could communicate this plan to healthcare researchers, healthcare providers, administrators, and/or patients.

2. Use the research gathered in your literature review to provide support for paper.

1. To effectively address the above criteria, you need to provide evidence/data/information from the credible, peer-reviewed primary sources you reviewed .You needed to cite the 6-8 sources you included in your Module 4 literature review assignment, as well as any other credible sources that you need to use to address these criteria

Make sure you accurately cite the information of all of your information throughout your paper, directly after you used that information. You must follow APA format.

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