Describe how hrm can maintain cost effective pay


Benefiting administration is a strong part of the employee value propositions. Compare three organizations and how these organizations have demonstrated best practices in offering employee benefits. Additionally, document how the following considerations impact cost effective and value added benefit administration.

1. Describe how these organizations handle the changing legal and regulatory environment to ensure that pay and benefit programs meet legal requirements, whether these are developed by state or federal agencies.

2. Describe how HRM can maintain cost effective pay and benefit programs within this environment in which laws and regulations seem to change on a regular basis.

3. Examine the current environment and determine future trends which may challenge organizations in designing and maintaining effective pay and benefit programs. In particular, assess the trends and challenges facing employee benefits.

4. Discuss whether organizations can anticipate these changes and ensure that strategic objectives are not significantly altered by these changes.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

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HR Management: Describe how hrm can maintain cost effective pay
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