Critiquing a political campaign for a political office


Political Campaign Analysis: You will be writing 4-5 page paper critiquing a political campaign for a political office. The campaign should have occurred over the last six years and can be the local, state, or national level (United States Only). This paper will assess strategies, successes, failures, and crises that occur during the election. You will use press releases and related stories to substantiate claims made in the criticism.

Further Explanation students will critique a political campaign for office. (Note: the political campaign analysis will be more detailed the larger it is.

For example, a campaign for city council will require far less work than that for US Senator). This paper is designed to discuss a campaign not a single persuasive message, so it will detail the campaign over time.

1. Background on the political issue or the candidate and the office.

2. Discussion of the program for the campaign or movement (Taking us through the stages of the campaign discussed in lecture and text)

3. Evidence that the program was/or was not effective. (Would discuss how and why they succeeded or failed)

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Other Management: Critiquing a political campaign for a political office
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