Create an engaging vocabulary game


Create an engaging vocabulary game to be used to teach key vocabulary words to ELLs setting. Your vocabulary words should address Tier One, Tier Two, and Three Tier words which include:

1. Common words, which most children acquire in daily conversations in their first language;

2. Content specific technical words, which may be commonly used or rarely used; and

3. Words that define written text which are generally more sophisticated and precise than words used in conversation or academic vocabulary from academic texts.

Your submission should include:

1. A list of all of the Tier One, Tier Two and Tier Three key vocabulary words.

2. A detailed description of the game rules, number of players, and how the game is played.

3. The students' grade level, core content area, and ELP level on your submission document.


Additionally, write a 250-word reflection regarding how beneficial the game is.

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Game Theory: Create an engaging vocabulary game
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