Create a plan to implement your intervention

Problem: Select a healthcare organization (local or national, large or small, public or private) and perform a needs assessment/gap analysis:

Description of the organization (history, length in service/operation, how many beds? clients served? location; rural vs. urban, satellite locations, total number of staff, client usage information/demographics, etc.)

Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis: What is not currently being offered? Room for improvements? Service delivery deficits? Personnel issues/shortages? Justify with supporting data and statistics.

Propose an intervention (service or facility) based on the needs/gap analysis. Identify measurable outcomes for the intervention.

Justify your proposed intervention by providing an analysis from:

  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Legal
  • Economics
  • Regulatory
  • Reimbursement
  • Managed care
  • Health legislation
  • Contracts perspectives

Pick a minimum of three of the elements listed above depending on the organization selected and which apply to the specific organization/situation selected.

Create a plan to implement your intervention. Identify the stakeholders involved, and their role (s) in implementing the intervention. Include finance and staffing elements required to implement the intervention.

Develop a marketing communication plan on how the stakeholders will be informed, kept up-to-date, etc. prior to the intervention, during the intervention, and post intervention.

Develop a plan for measurement effectiveness of the intervention. What indicators will determine if the intervention is successful?

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Other Management: Create a plan to implement your intervention
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