Corporate social responsibility and performance measure



Organizations and the environment in which they operate can rapidly change and it is important for you as students to understand how and why businesses and organizations evolve. In order to stay current on events, and to help you understand how the theory which we read about in the textbook and discuss in class ties into real organizational topics/issues, you will be required to hand in three current event write-ups throughout the semester. Your write-ups will be on articles which you find from current periodicals such as but not limited to The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, etc. The article you choose should have something to do with one of the topics we have recently discussed in class...I will assign the topics before you start looking for articles.The articles you choose to write on should be CURRENT, which means no older than a month.

CE can be on any of the individual topics we covered so far this semester.
Some examples are:
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• performance measures
• job satisfaction (or any of the 5 attitudes)
• moods and emotion
• motivation
• decision making & perceptions
• personality, values, intelligence

Your write-up should be structured the following way. Please limit your write up to a full one page (at least 700 words not including your name, course and titling information), single-spaced, discussion using a traditional font and size. Your written discussion should be organized in a three-paragraph format* as follows: first paragraph includes the name, date and source of the article and what the article is about in factual terms. This section should be short and concise. The second paragraph is more significant and includes a discussion on how the article relates to the class by using what you know about Organizational Behavior thus far. In this paragraph you will need to connect what the article is saying to what we are learning in class. This paragraph is not simply copying and repeating what the article must analyze what you read in the article and link it to what we have learned in class.The third and final paragraph should be an opinion on what you think is important for the learning of the class and what you think of the article and its relevance and/or significance to class.

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Business Management: Corporate social responsibility and performance measure
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