Compose the final draft of your narrative essay using

Question: Compose the final draft of your narrative essay, using Microsoft Word. Remember to run a spell check and a grammar check to catch and correct any errors, and proofread by reading your work aloud.

STEP TWO: Remember: A narrative essay is a story with a point. The narrative essay should include at least five paragraphs: an introduction that ends with a thesis statement, at least three supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion that explains the significance of telling the story.

STEP THREE: As you revise, pay close attention to organizing your ideas and developing supporting examples. Begin with an attention-getting opener to engage your reader's interest. Include the main point you wish to make in the introduction. Be sure you support your main point with examples, details, and scenes with action, dialogue, and gestures that make the story come alive for the reader. Include the meaning or significance of telling the story in your conclusion.

STEP FOUR: Proofread your paper carefully. Take the time to read your work aloud. Update the essay with the advice you received from Smarthinking! Also, be sure to run the spelling and grammar checker in MS Word located in Tools. Pay close attention to those red squiggly lines.

STEP FIVE: Finally, review the grading criteria, self-assess your work, and submit on time. Please note that this is your final essay, and it is worth significantly more points than the typical weekly essay. Put your best effort into making this your finest essay of the session

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Other Subject: Compose the final draft of your narrative essay using
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