Comment on the headlines in the wall street journal

Comment on the following headlines in The Wall Street Journal:

1) "Sterling Drops Sharply Despite Good Health of British Economy: Oil Price Slump Is Blamed" (January 17, 1985).

2) "Dollar Surges as Coup in Soviet Union Revives Unit's Appeal as a Safe Haven" (August 20, 1991).

3) "Dollar Plummets on Soviet Coup Failure" (August 22, 1991).

4) "Dollar Falls Across the Board as Fed Cuts Discount Rate to 6.5% From 7% (December 19, 1990).

5) "Canadian Dollar Likely to Fall Further On Recession and Constitutional Crisis" (September 28, 1992).

6) "Dollar Soars on U.S. and Iraqi Tension, Hints of Possible Lower German Rates" (December 12, 1992).

7) "Inflation, Slow Growth Seen Spurring Latin America to Devaluate Currencies" (January 22, 1990).

Comment on the following headline from The New York Times. "Germany Raises Interest Rate, and Value of Dollar Declines" (October 10, 1997).

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Finance Basics: Comment on the headlines in the wall street journal
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