Case study- why are u.s. exports so competitive

Case Study:


1) Read the case study: Why are U.S. Exports So Competitive? on pp177-179 of your textbook.

2) Use the guide questions given below to write your case analysis.

Please follow this format/outline for your case analysis:

A) Identification of the Problem or Main Issue of the Case

B) Situation Analysis

C) Recommendations or Conclusions


1) Explain why US exports are so competitive from:

a) a resource-based view

b) from an institution view

2) Prior to taking this class and studying this case, have you often heard or read about the decline of US export competitiveness? What was your reaction to this news?

3) What are the social and ethical implications of such excessive (one-sided) negative reporting?

4) Did this case change your mind? Explain your answer?

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Business Management: Case study- why are u.s. exports so competitive
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