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  Aspects of the questionnaire  

Question 1: What do you mean by the term questionnaire? Describe in brief how to design a questionnaire.

Question 2: Illustrate the main aspects of the questionnaire? Write merits and demerits of a mailed questionnaire.

Question 3: Make a questionnaire to measure the media exposure of literate adults in your region.

Question 4: Write brief notes on:

a) Pre-testing
b) Structural questionnaire
c) Physical form of questionnaire

Question 5: What are the fundamental differences between a questionnaire and a schedule?

Question 6: Define a target group and design questions to collect the information on the given topics:

a) Political party affiliation.
b) Attitudes towards television soap operas
c) Attitudes towards newspaper editorials.
d) Attitudes towards the frequency of television commercials
e) Public television viewing habits. 

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