Are us markets becoming less competitive because of mergers


DB: Monopolistic Competition

Economists generally agree that U.S. antitrust policy is complex, changing over time, divided among several U.S. federal government agencies, and subject to frequent court reversals. The underlying question remains whether the U.S. needs more or less regulation of market structures.

Key questions are:

• Are U.S. markets becoming less competitive because of mergers and acquisitions?

• Are U.S. markets becoming more competitive because of new technology?

• Are U.S. markets becoming more or less competitive because of globalization?

• Is enough information available for wise antitrust enforcement?

US Federal agencies involved in antitrust include US Federal Trade Commission at:

US Department of Justice:

For analysis:

For a strong anti-regulatory position see Heritage Foundation, a private advocacy group, has been influential in arguing against antitrust enforcement. For an overview see:

See also:

The American Enterprise Institute:

For strong pro-regulatory position see the Economic Policy Institute, a private advocacy group, argues for more antitrust enforcement:

The Brookings Institution attempts a non-partisan position and publishes frequent overviews of antitrust law. See, for example:

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Microeconomics: Are us markets becoming less competitive because of mergers
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