Analyze the culture-values and ethics for the company


Best Game Productions: Environment Descriptions

Resource: Best Game Productions: Environment Descriptions.

Discuss your responses to the Week 2 individual assignment with your Learning Team. Using the Best Game Productions business scenario, you individually analyzed, assume the role of a consulting team.

Analyze the culture, values, and ethics for the company, as well as cultural differences and perspectives for each department.

Explain the solution that you think is best for the company based on all of the information provided to you. Use that solution and your reason for selecting it to create your Communication Plan Initial Proposal.

Create a 400 to 650 word initial proposal, including the following:

· Outline all necessary communications. Determine the necessary communications and appropriate channels for your communication plan.

· Construct your communications to best persuade the CEO and stakeholders that your solution is the best for the company.

· Cite at least two references in your paper.

· Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Business Law and Ethics: Analyze the culture-values and ethics for the company
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