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The health care professionals of an acute care facility must encompass exclusive comprehensive medical treatment that is otherwise inaccessible from other organizations that may lack the funding necessary to conduct adequate research needed to continuously develop additional treatments to reduce the severity of cardiac arrest and/or cancer complications. The organization that comes to mind is University Medical Center (UMC), this hospital is somewhat of an educational hospital in which case physicians, nurses, and medical administration are actively utilizing today's technological advancements and statistical research to determine which methods will further enhance the organizations objective of applying exceptional health care procedures with satisfactory results.

Identify the professional hospital personnel likely to be interacting with cardiac surgery or cancer patients.

At UMC, patients who may need developmental treatment and/or follow-up treatment may need a trauma support staff that may sympathize with what the patients are going through. UMC has integrated the following methods of mediation for cancer, and cardiac diseases such as; Alternative Therapy for living with cancer (and other disease) (UMC, 2009); disease control management; and preventative screening procedures.

The personnel that will ultimately interact with at-risk patients will include the following:

Nurses (RN's, and LPN's)-"Most RNs work directly with patients and their families. They are the primary point of contact between the patient and the world of health care, both at the bedside and in out-patient settings." (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010). LPN's also have frequent contact with patients, however, LPN's provide comfort to patients and are able to help patients adjust to their illnesses.

Physician/Specialist-their interaction with patients will often include administering care to reduce difficulties and patient complications. They will be responsible for consulting with patients and monitoring their progress.

Administrative support staff-their interaction with patients will include billing; and coding procedures; making appointments; verifying insurance eligibility for different procedures; gathering authorizations; medical records; transferring documents to referring physicians if applicable, etc. The administrative staff will play a significant role in sustaining patient relationships. They are responsible for contacting patients if physicians need to reschedule an appointment, or if physicians need to discuss results that are cause for concern. They are also responsible for enforcing confidentiality and adhering to laws and regulations of acceptable practices within the medical facility. Administrative support staff is ultimately responsible for checking patients in, obtaining all pertinent information in order to secure a patients visitation with the physician.

What mention is there of accrediting agencies that might have an impact on what gets documented?

- The Nevada Hospital Association

o AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare and Quality Research)- "The data displayed for Nevada hospitals represents each individual hospitals' observed/expected ratio. The 'observed' represents the number of actual events (deaths or complications) and the 'expected' represents the number of expected events based on risk factors prevalent in the population." (NHA, 2007).

o Health Information Management Staff-"UMC's Centralized Transcription Service staff type documents that are components to the electronic medical record. Clinical staff can then quickly access patient information to provide quality patient care. UMC is also exploring the use of voice recognition, which will increase the number of typed documents that can be entered into electronic medical record without increasing the number of transcriptionists."(UMC, 2007).

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