After completing the gibb and dyches workbook write a

After completing the Gibb and Dyches workbook, write a summary of at least 150 words for each section (for a total of at least 1,200 words). Each section mustbe addressed thoroughly with a descriptive and detailed entry. Each section summary mustbe written in narrative form, and bulleted/listed information mustnot be included within your summary. Use the headings below to separate your sections so there is a clear distinction betweenyour responses to each section. Your paper must follow current APA format and must include a title page and reference page. Use the Workbook Summary Grading Rubric to ensure your paper meets all standards.

Address the following sections:

Abstract must be included

• Introduction: Special Education in the Individualized Education Program

• Section 1: Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
• Section 2: Measurable Annual Goals
• Section 3: Measure and Report Student Progress
• Section 4: Services needed to Achieve Annual Goals
• Section 5: Student Participation with Nondisabled
• Section 6: Accommodations and State and Districtwide Assessments
• Section 7: Transition Planning

Textbook: Gibb & Dyches, IEPs: Writing Quality Individualized Education Programs (2015).

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Dissertation: After completing the gibb and dyches workbook write a
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