Address the training needs of employees and volunteers


You are the emergency manager for a county government and are responsible for training. Your agency consists of 10 full-time employees and approximately 50 volunteers. The elected board has 15 members.

Assignment Guidelines

Complete the following:

Address the following in 900 to 1,200 words:

  • Develop a year-long training plan for your agency.
  • Address the training needs of the following:
  • New employees and volunteers (if applicable) and existing employees at the following levels:
  1. Policy level
  2. Strategic level
  3. Tactical level
  4. Task level
  • Your plan must include at least 1 employee who is new and 1 employee who exists at each level.
  • Describe the coursework that is appropriate for each type of employee at each level.
  • Include 1 exercise that includes employees of each type (new and existing) at each level of involvement.
  • Describe your exercise goals and objectives.
  • List the resources that are required, including financial needs.

Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.

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Business Management: Address the training needs of employees and volunteers
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