101591 the economics of cities and regions assignment-

The Economics of Cities and Regions Assignment - Case Study - Local Government and Economic Planning

Local government and economic planning

Background: This assignment asks you to link planning, the economy and local government. Economic effects might seem beyond the remit of local government, however we also now know that economic processes not only impact upon the local scale but are also produced through activities at the local scale.

The role of local government in economic planning and development is therefore arguably an important one, and this case study assignment asks you to examine local government economic planning.

Case study question:

What is the role of local government in economic planning and development?

Drawing on your understanding of economic diversity, discuss and illustrate using the example of one local council in NSW. You may choose ametropolitan or regional LGA.

This assignment is 1,000 words. It's a case study. Write it as an essay with or without sub---headings (but sub-headings can be helpful). The structure is less prescriptive than the previous assignments, but I would suggest organising the written piece as follows (more or less):

1. Introduction (c. 100 words): State the aim of the essay and your case study LGA; give a brief statement about the role of the local scale or local government to economic planning; indicate what themes you will focus on in the essay.

2. Body (c. 800 words): This is the bulk/crux of the argument. I suggest choosing four themes and devoting a c. 200 word paragraph to each theme. Each theme should be a point about the role of local government in economic planning (you can discuss global competitiveness, place branding and local employment but remember that you need to demonstrate your knowledge of economic diversity) and must use information from the case study to demonstrate the point. For example, the importance of local assertiveness in a global economy might be demonstrated by a focus on global competitiveness in the Community Strategic Plan/Economic Development Plan (e.g. City of Sydney Council) and to demonstrate your knowledge of economic diversity you might also note the importance of networking for diverse forms of business (such as cooperatives); the importance of place-branding and tourism might be demonstrated by a separate Tourism Development Strategy (and its contents!) (e.g. Broken Hill City LGA) Perhaps tourism is designed to protect the local environment as well as generate an income (recall the lecture on ethical economies). Remember, it's a case study: you're making an argument about local economic planning with evidence from a specific LGA.

3. Conclusion (c. 100 words): A final argument about why the local scale and local government is important (or not?) to economic development and planning, with reference to your case study LGA.

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