Concept of Scatter Plots and Regression Lines

Scatter Plots and Regression Lines:

By using the calculator we can draw scatter plots.
To do statistics and lists, see the instructions on calculator. This gives an overview and also some useful advice for working with the statistics on calculator.

Scatter Plots:

1) Enter the x values to L1 and then y variables to L2.
2) Go to Stat Plot (2nd y=)
3) Turn Plot 1 on
4) Select the type to be scatter plot (that is, 1st type)
5) Set Xlist to L1
6) Set Ylist to L2
7) Set the Mark to any of the three options
8) Zoom to the Stat setting (#9)

Regression Lines:

A) Setup the scatter plot as described above.
B) Go to the Stats, Calc, and Setup screen
C) Setup the 2-Var Stats and hence: Xlist = L1, Ylist = L2, Freq = 1
D) Compute the Linear Regression (ax+b) (#5)
E) Go to the Plot screen.
F) Place the cursor on Y1 plot and hit CLEAR to remove it.
G) While still in Y1 data entry field, go to VARS, STATS, EQ screen and select option 7 that is the regression equation.
I) Hit the GRAPH.

Regression Lines, part 2

The above method works, however it needs that you change the equation being graphed each and every time you change the problems. This is possible to stick the regression equation ‘ax+b’ to Y1 plot and then it will automatically graph the accurate regression equation each time.

Do this once:

a) Setup the scatter plot as described above.
b) Go to the Plot screen.
c) Place the cursor on Y1 plot and hit CLEAR to remove it.
d) Enter a*x+b to the function. The a and b can be found beneath the VARS, STATS, EQ screen.

Do this for each graph:

a) Go to the Stats, Calc, and Setup screen.
b) Setup the 2-Var Stats and hence: Xlist = L1, Ylist = L2, Freq = 1.
c) Compute the Linear Regression (ax+b) (#5).
d) Hit the GRAPH key.

It is very important that you compute the linear regression variables prior to trying to graph the regression line. When you change the data in the lists or have not computed the linear regression equations, then you will get an ‘ERR: Undefined’ whenever you try to graph the data.

Be sure to turn off the stats plots and/or Y1 plot whenever you require graphing other data.

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