Theory of Sampling Lab and their various methods

Sampling Lab:

The key aim of this laboratory exercise is to familiarize you with the various sampling methods.

You require a one page from the movie listing such as contained in TV-Guide. Note that if you really use TV Guide, then you necessitate using two facing pages. Pick a page with little irrelevant material, other than listings, on it.

For the aim of this sampling project, the movie is involved on the page or in cluster if the running time for the movie drops on the page.

Random Sampling:

It is the number each movie on the page. If there are a many movies, you may number each other or every third movie.

Produce an 8 numbers random sample between 1 and the movies number on page. The # is written down and produced the running time for the movie equivalent to that number.

Systematic Sampling:

Generate a random number between 1-6. Starting with the movie corresponding to that number, and then taking each 6th movie thereafter, write # of the movie and then the running length of movie.

Convenience Sampling:

The running time of primary eight movies are then written.

Stratified Sampling:

Write down the running times of all PG/PG13, R and not-rated (that is, either NR or no rating given) movies in three columns on a separate piece of paper; avoid all other types (NC17, G, etc). Divide a sample of 8 proportionally to each kind of movie (when R is 40 percent, then sample 40% of 8 = 3.2 -> 3 R movies). In each movie type random sampling is used. Record the running lengths of movies chosen.

Cluster Sampling:

Divide the page into equivalent areas and hence each region has roughly 3 to 4 movies in each cluster. Randomly chosen 3 clusters, and record the running length of all movies in such clusters.

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