Software Metrics

Software Metrics:

It is a measure of some property of a piece of software or its specifications. As quantitative measurements are necessary in all sciences, there is a constant effort by computer science practitioners and theoreticians to bring same kind of approaches to software development. The goal is gaining objective, reproducible and quantifiable measurements, which may have several valuable applications in schedule and budget planning, quality assurance testing, cost estimation, software performance optimization, software debugging, and optimal personnel task assignments.

Uses of Metrics:

1) Software metrics are utilized to get objective reproducible measurements that can be useful for quality assurance, debugging, performance, management, and estimating costs.

2) Discovery defects in code (post release and prior to release), predicting project success, predicting defective code, and predicting project risk.

3) There is still some debate about which metrics matter and what they mean, the utility of metrics is restricted to quantifying one of the following goals: Schedule of a software project, cost of project and quality of software, Size/complexity of development involved.

Types of Metrics:

Process metric:

It is a metric utilized to measure the characteristic of the techniques, methods and tools employed in implementing, developing and maintaining the software system.

Product Metric:

It is a metric used to measure the characteristic of the documentation and code.

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