Role of Finance Manager

Role of Finance Manager:

In the region of finance and financial management, finance manager is significant authority. Not only to increase the finance of company, has finance manager done too other lots of works for company. We can elucidate his role in following words:

1. Role of Finance Manager for increasing Funds of Company:

Finance manager checks various sources of company. He did not obtain fund from all sources. At first, he checks his requirement in short term and in long term and after this he choose best source of fund. He has as well power to modify the capital structure of company for giving more profit of company.

2. Role of Finance Manager for taking maximum gains from Leverage:

Finance manager employs both operating and financial leverage and try to utilize it for taking maximum profit from leverage.

3. Role of Finance Manager for Global Financial Decision:

Finance manager gets opportunities in global financial decision. In such opportunities, he does the contracts of interest rate swap, credit default swap and currency swap.

4. Role of Finance Manager in Investment Decisions:

Finance manager ensures the total present value of each investment project prior to actual investment in it. Total present value of project means what total profit at discount rate, will company gets when company invests him money in that project. High NPV project will be acknowledged. Therefore, due to high accountability, role of finance manager in this regard is very vital.

5. Role of Finance Manager in Risk Management:

Occurrence of risks means facing distinct losses. Finance manager is very solemn on risk and its management. He plays significant role to find new and new manners to control risk of company. Similar to other parts of management, he estimates all his risks, he systematize the staff that are accountable to control risk. He too calculates risk adjusted NPV. He meets all risk controlling organizations such as insurance companies, rating agencies at persistent level. He is capable to convert company's misfortunes into fortunes. By good judgments of adverse conditions, he tries his best to preserve the money of company.

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