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An Introduction to the California High School Exit Examination

The California High School Exit Examination or simply CAHSEE is a compulsory test conducted for all the public high school students in the state of California (that is, students having certain disabilities are not liable). It was considered and developed to enhance the performance of student in the public education system and as well to make sure that those who pass out from high school acquires and display abilities and knowledge suitable to the education which they received up to now.

The test is organized in the key academic regions and skills of Mathematics, Reading and Writing. The test matter is based on the state-approved curriculum or content through high school grade ten.

The test is not timed and is governed in two parts: The English-Language Arts (ELA) part and the Math part.

All the parts of test must be taken in English only. It is governed only in the paper and pencil-based format.

History of California High School Exit Examination:

Before the existence of CAHSEE, the high school exit exams in California were termed as the High School Competency Exams and were organized by each district pursuant to California law. In year 1999, California policy makers voted to form the CAHSEE in order to encompass a state exam which was linked to the state's new school content standards. The legislative bill to form the CAHSEE was championed by past state senator Jack O'Connell. In year 2001 October, Assembly Bill 1609 eliminated the option for ninth graders to take the CAHSEE starting with the 2002 administration. The CAHSEE was subsequently governed in the spring of year 2002 to all tenth graders who had not passed it throughout the spring 2001 administration. At first, the CAHSEE was planned as a graduation prerequisite for the class of 2004; the State Board of Education later amends the time limit and it was on the record imposed first on the class of 2006.

Significance of CAHSEE and Test Scores:

The test is compulsory in the state of California; though, it is not just the reason which makes taking this test and securing a pass necessary for high school students. Some of the few which makes the test significant are as follows:

1) The test matter measures your capabilities and strengths via grade 10 and therefore makes sure that you acquire the grade-suitable expertise and knowledge levels in necessary academic areas. In this manner, you are officially certified of your academic skills and can employ this as your foundation for auxiliary academic programs. In another words, the score which you achieve is a sign of your knowledge level and an evidence of your willingness to practice academics after high school.

2) The test not just measures your knowledge levels, skills and strength, however as well makes sure that you get a chance to enhance your educational accomplishment by means of this examination. As well, as the test assists you understand where you stand and realize your weaknesses and strengths, if any; you might consider this as an outstanding program for self-enhancement.

Who are eligible for taking the test?

Students take the CAHSEE exam for the first time in the tenth grade. Students should pass both sections of the exam. Once they pass one section, they have met that obligation; students just require retaking the part that they did not pass. Students encompass five extra chances to retake the test.

Format and Content of CAHSEE:

CAHSEE is a test of student's knowledge and abilities in math and English. The exam is merely given in English and the questions come in the format of multiple-choice questions. The test of English section though consists of a part which necessitates some writing. The CAHSEE test is not timed meaning which students can take as much time as they require completing the test session.

A comprehensive break-up of the question items is explained below:

A) The ELA section:

  • 7 questions from the Word Analysis part.
  • 20 question items from the Literary Response Analysis area.
  • 18 question items from the Reading Comprehension area.
  • 12 questions from the Writing Methods and Strategies part.
  • 15 items from the Writing Conventions part.
  • Single question need a descriptive answer on the Writing Application area.

B) The Math section:

  • 12 questions from Algebra I
  • 17 questions from Algebra and Functions
  • 8 question items from Mathematical reasoning
  • 14 items from Number Sense
  • 17 question items from Measurement and Geometry
  • 12 items from Statistics, Probability, and Data Analysis

How will CAHSEE enhance school responsibility?

Reports of determining how many students pass the test will be a significant focal point for school enhancement. All the schools of California are ranked according to the Academic Performance Index (API) that represents if schools are making real growth per year. A school's CAHSEE results will be comprised among the factors which generate a school's API. Schools which do not meet up their API augmentation targets are subject to state sanctions.

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