Sources of Energy

Sources of Energy:

Some of the alternative sources of fuel are solar energy, geothermal energy, wind power, hydro-electric energy, tidal energy, energy from garbage, dung energy and nuclear energy.  They are usually termed as renewable or non-conventional sources of energy.

1. Solar Energy:

Sun is pollution free and an inexhaustible source of energy. The Solar equipments have been developed to harness sun-rays to heat water, cook meals, light our houses and run some machines.

2. Nuclear Energy:

This is generated by fusion of the atoms of some elements like Uranium-235. The process outcomes in the discharge of enormous amount of energy. Fission of 1 amu (i.e., atomic mass unit) of Uranium-235 can produce energy equivalent to that accessible from burning of 15 metric tons of coal or around14 barrels of crude oil.

3. Wind Power:

It has been employed for centuries to run the wind-mills for grinding grains and pump water in certain regions. However the wind does not blow with needed intensity all the year round and in all regions. Hence, wind power can be employed only in certain regions and on certain days.

4. Dung Energy:

Cattle dung is broadly employed as fuel in rural regions of country. This deprives our fields of precious organic manure. Now cattle dung is employed in Biogas or Gobar Gas Plant to generate an odorless, low pressure gas. This gas can be employed for cooking and heating. The residue is employed as manure.

5. Energy from garbage:
The garbage of houses comprises waste paper, plastics and some other materials. It can be employed to generate electricity.

6. Tidal Energy:

Tidal waves of the sea can be employed to produce electricity.

7. Geo-thermal Energy:

In some areas, the heated water comes to the earth’s surface as hot springs. It can be employed for heating water and building and for generating electricity.

8. Hydro-electric Energy:

It is generated from the kinetic energy of water falling from height. Number of power stations has been established on many rivers.

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