Difference between plant and animal cell

Differences between plant and animal cell:

Plant cells vary from animal cells in numerous ways. Such differences are tabulated as shown below:

Plant Cell:

  • The plant cell includes an outer rigid cell wall, build up of cellulose.
  • Plant cell has a dissimilar, definite shape since of the firm cell wall. Therefore, the shape of cell is enduring.
  • Plant cell comprises plastids. Most significant of such is the green chloroplast.
  • The Vacuoles are very low and larger.
  • Centrosome is existed only in the cells of few lower plants.
  • Dictyosome is dispersed all through the cytoplasm. It includes stacks of solitary membranous lamellar discs.
  • Lysosomes are found merely in the eukaryotic plant cells.
  • Plant cell is bigger than the animal cell.
  • Most of the starch is a storage material
  • Throughout cytoplasmic division a cell plate is build up in the centre of the cell.

Animal Cell:

  • Cell wall is not present. The plasma membrane is the outermost wrapper.
  • Shape of the animal cell is not so exact. This can modify its shape.
  • Plastids are not present.
  • Vacuoles are either not present or very small in size and number.
  • All animal cells encompass centrosomes.
  • Golgi complex is ordered in the cytoplasm. It seems as shallow saucer shaped body or narrow neck bowl-like form.  This comprises of interconnecting tubules in the distal area.
  • Found in each and every cell.
  • Animal cell is very small in size.
  • The Glycogen is a storage material.
  • Throughout cytoplasmic division a furrow seems from the periphery to the centre of cell.


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