What do you mean by the term Spike

What do you mean by the term Spike? Illustrate in detail.




The time boxed period employed to research a concept and/or make a simple prototype. Spikes can either be planned to occur in between sprints or, for bigger teams, a spike may be accepted as one of numerous sprint delivery objectives. Spikes are frequently introduced before the delivery of big epics or user stories in order to secure the budget, expand knowledge, and/or generate a proof of concept. The duration and objective(s) of a spike will be agreed among the Product Owner and Delivery Team before the start. Dissimilar sprint commitments, spikes might or might not deliver tangible, shippable, valuable functionality. For illustration, the objective of a spike might be to successfully reach a decision on the course of action. The spike is over when the time is up, not essentially when the objective has been delivered.

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