Web-marketing research

Web-marketing research focuses on just the web marketing issues. Illustrate in brief. Can you give illustrations where research was decisive for success?




Yes! In our new Online Competitive Advantage study, we tried to comprehend what contributes most to the success of the web business. We have employed a sophisticated research design to recognize the ‘Key Drivers’ of the success.

Assume that you are planning a web business. With limited budget and time, you certainly require focusing your marketing efforts on the most significant areas. Devoid of such marketing research information, you are more probable to focus on what you are well-known with: if you are a tech guy, you might put most of your time and money to enhance Internet development methods on your web-site. On other hand, if you worked in the ad industry, you are more probable to focus on the website promotions.

However our research outcomes show that the most significant factor which contributes to the success of the web business is a solid marketing strategy. If you encompass such research information, you must put your money and time to designing your web marketing strategy. It assists you get on the right track at the very starting.

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