Value of Marginal Product of Labor

The social value of the extra output by additional units of labor is: (1) marginal revenue product of labor. (2) price of labor. (3) average revenue product of labor. (4) value of the marginal product of labor. (5) marginal resource cost of labor.

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    A competitive demand of employer for labor is: (1) derived from the demand that exists for the firm’s output. (2) inverted compared to regular demands. (3) shifted rightward by hikes in real wage rates. (4) positively sloped. (4) determined thro

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    Attempts to decrease shirking by paying workers more than they could earn within their next best potential jobs involves: (1) screening. (2) corporate acculturation. (3) efficiency wages. (4) signaling. (5) collective bargaining.


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    States the determinants of elasticity?

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    When wage rates rise above $25 per hour in this figure given below, in that case the: (1) worker works more diligently to ensure that she keeps her job. (2) employer pays an excessively high efficiency wage. (3) income effect exceeds the substitution

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    Screening and signaling are attempts to: (w) decreases job interview time. (x) decrease the problem of adverse selection. (y) uphold equal opportunity laws. (z) All of the above.

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    A profit-maximizing competitive firm hiring by a competitive labor market will be within equilibrium where is: (w) MPP = MRC. (x) w = MRC. (y) VMP = MPP. (z) VMP = w.

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    Economists suppose that firms hire labor to further a fundamental goal of maximizing: (1) economic profit. (2) workers’ welfare. (3) economy-wide employment. (4) managerial compensation. (5) the total value of output.

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    Explain the follow-up pricing.

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