Uses to append query

Specify some of the uses to append the query.




Some of the uses of appending the query are as follows

a) By appending data to an existing table instead of manual update, time will be saved.

b) Appending the files on the basis of the particular criteria is possible.

c) If your destination file does not have columns and rows you may add particular columns and rows however ignoring the rest of them.

d) Append generally save time and labor whenever dealing with the updation of the large database.
68) Enlist some criteria and their effects on the database?

It is likely to enter one or more criteria into the rows that may affect your database considerably.

a) >=”Callahan” this returns all the several records from the Callahan to end of alphabet.

b) Date(): This field returns all data related to the current date.

c) ‘’’’: This is utilized when you wish to know all the records that consist of zero length string. This may be useful to know if your customers have fax numbers or so.

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