Two assignments at one time

Here I will post one task for 2 assignments, one is a dicsussion of question which requires 800 words and another one is a journal article analysis which requires for 1000 or more. Also the reference is not counted into the total number of words. I do recommend to ask 2 different highly qualified experts to do the tasks at the same time in order to ensure the quality and delivery time. Please read the attachments for details, also do download the PDF file and textbook before writing. The first one (discussion of question or DQ week 3 in short) must be delivered within 24 hours (before 23:59 March-14), and the other one (journal article analysis) can be delivered within 48 hours. So please do send each solution without any delay immediately when it is finished. I need the first one on time and it is uncompromised. Please do ensure the quality of the two assignments and delivery in time. No critical issues can be missing in both assignments, and also no misunderstanding or ambiguity. Since I'm a frequent customer, discount is strongly prefered. At last, I'd like to pay by Paypal, please change the payment option. Thanks.

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