7. The San Diego Zoo is contemplating a stuffed panda bear advertising promotion. Annualized sales data from local shops marketing the "Can't Bear it When You're Away" bear indicate that: Q = 50,000 - 1,000P where Q is Panda bear sales and P is price. A. How many pandas could the zoo sell at $30 each? B. What price would the zoo have to charge to sell 25,000 pandas? C. At what price would panda sales equal zero? D. How many bears could be given away? E. Calculate the point price elasticity of demand at a price of $10.

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  • Q : Very high fixed costs in contestable

    A market is improbable to be contestable when entry needs new firms to incur very high: (w) variable costs. (x) fixed costs. (y) principal-agent problems. (z) marginal costs.

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  • Q : Investment in Specific Human Capital An

    An investment in specific human capital arises while: (w) Chandra learns Japanese to be eligible for a potential job in Tokyo. (x) Chele has a face lift so she can increase her fees for high-fashion modeling. (y) Chelsea practices playing a harp and a

  • Q : Illustrates marginal cost pricing and

    Illustrates the marginal cost pricing and differential pricing?

  • Q : Define the term cost plus pricing

    Define the term cost plus pricing.

  • Q : Earning difference in average wages In

    In 2007 year, relative to men along with comparable education and experience, working women earned average wages which were roughly: (w) 25%-35% of the average wages for men.. (x) 70%-80% of the average wages for men. (y) 80%-90% of the average wages

  • Q : Illustrations of investments in human

    Illustrations of investments in human capital would comprise: (1) freeing slaves at the conclusion of the Civil War. (2) betting on the outcome of a professional wrestling match. (3) need people to pass a test on the U.S. Constitution before permittin

  • Q : Competitive Profit Maximization in

    A profit-maximizing competitive firm hiring by a competitive labor market will be within equilibrium where is: (w) MPP = MRC. (x) w = MRC. (y) VMP = MPP. (z) VMP = w.

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  • Q : Decreases in derived demands Decreases

    Decreases in derived demands are best demonstrated while: (1) illegal aliens reduce equilibrium wage rates for unskilled workers. (2) swim suit sales plummet at the ends of summer vacations. (3) undocumented construction workers begin leaving the Unit

  • Q : Consumer Interview Survey method of

    Explain the Consumer Interview Survey method of Demand Forecasting.

  • Q : Define the some criticized highlight

    Define the some criticized highlight points of Adam Smith?