7. The San Diego Zoo is contemplating a stuffed panda bear advertising promotion. Annualized sales data from local shops marketing the "Can't Bear it When You're Away" bear indicate that: Q = 50,000 - 1,000P where Q is Panda bear sales and P is price. A. How many pandas could the zoo sell at $30 each? B. What price would the zoo have to charge to sell 25,000 pandas? C. At what price would panda sales equal zero? D. How many bears could be given away? E. Calculate the point price elasticity of demand at a price of $10.

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  • Q : Best Potential Efficiency Wages

    Attempts to decrease shirking by paying workers more than they could earn within their next best potential jobs involves: (1) screening. (2) corporate acculturation. (3) efficiency wages. (4) signaling. (5) collective bargaining.


  • Q : Explain short term Demand forecasting

    Explain short term Demand forecasting.

  • Q : Investment in Specific Human Capital An

    An investment in specific human capital arises while: (w) Chandra learns Japanese to be eligible for a potential job in Tokyo. (x) Chele has a face lift so she can increase her fees for high-fashion modeling. (y) Chelsea practices playing a harp and a

  • Q : States the term Demand Analysis States

    States the term Demand Analysis?

  • Q : Marginal Factor or Resource Costs The

    The words “marginal factor costs” or “marginal resource costs” taken as to the: (w) extra cost involved in producing an additional resource. (x) extra cost involved while producing an additional unit of a resou

  • Q : Substitution Effect within Supply of

    When wage rates rise above $25 per hour in this figure given below, in that case the: (1) worker works more diligently to ensure that she keeps her job. (2) employer pays an excessively high efficiency wage. (3) income effect exceeds the substitution

  • Q : Marginal Revenue Product of Labor When

    When a firm hires 1 unit of additional labor that increases output through two units, and marginal revenue is $100, the marginal revenue product of labor is: (w) $100. (x) $50. (y) $150. (z) $200.

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  • Q : What is Oligopoly What is Oligopoly?

    What is Oligopoly? Explain in brief.

  • Q : Illustration of Human Capital On-job

    On-job training, there a college education, as well as leadership skills is all illustrations of: (w) financial capital. (x) human capital. (y) investment. (z) economic capital.

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  • Q : HW Hello, Would you please find a small

    Hello, Would you please find a small case study in managerial economics. please I don't want the typical solution because the prof have it. thanks