7. The San Diego Zoo is contemplating a stuffed panda bear advertising promotion. Annualized sales data from local shops marketing the "Can't Bear it When You're Away" bear indicate that: Q = 50,000 - 1,000P where Q is Panda bear sales and P is price. A. How many pandas could the zoo sell at $30 each? B. What price would the zoo have to charge to sell 25,000 pandas? C. At what price would panda sales equal zero? D. How many bears could be given away? E. Calculate the point price elasticity of demand at a price of $10.

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    Explain about the term Boom in phases of business cycle.

  • Q : Fundamental goal of maximizing in firms

    Economists suppose that firms hire labor to further a fundamental goal of maximizing: (1) economic profit. (2) workers’ welfare. (3) economy-wide employment. (4) managerial compensation. (5) the total value of output.

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    What are the certain assumptions in production functions?

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    One purpose that firms hire labor at the point where w is equal to P x MPPL is: (1) if w < P x MPPL, the cost (w) of hiring additional workers exceeds the gains (P x MPPL) of hiring them, therefore they would hire fewer workers. (2) when w > P x

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Persons or nations that can outperform their competitors in all tasks enjoy: (1) Absolute benefits in all outputs. (2) Relative benefits in all outputs. (3) Comparative benefits in all outputs

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    When an exceptionally warm winter caused the quantity of cashmere sweaters supplied to exceed the quantity demanded at the present market price, in that case: (1) cashmere sweaters will be more heavily demanded subsequent year than this year. (2) an overload of cashme

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    If this firm maximizes profit, this will be producing under circumstances of: (1) increasing returns to labor. (2) economies of scale. (3) diminishing returns to labor. (4) constant returns to labor. (5) adverse selection and moral hazard.

    Q : Concept of marginal costing In what

    In what condition the concept of marginal costing basically applied?

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    All firms maximize profit through hiring the amount of labor where: (w) w = MRC. (x) MRP = VMP. (y) MRC = MRP. (z) MPP = MRP.

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economics problems. Please give me

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    If the owner of a resource is paid in excess of the minimum needed to supply specified amounts of the resource, in that case the owner is the beneficiary of: (1) economic rents. (2) wage premiums. (3) excess profits. (4) surplus values. (5) capitaliza

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