Transaction Costs-Process of trial and error

In an uncertain globe, people are supposed to try to make best use of their satisfaction by: (1) Determining in advance the mixture of goods that maximizes the utility and then purchasing this mix. (2) The procedure of trial and error. (3) Making marginal decisions till disutility stops growing. (4) Minimizing their electric bills and gas.

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the above options.

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    Whenever your purchasing power drops as the price of a good you purchase increases, you make adjustments as of the: (1) Marginal utility effect. (2) Price level effect. (3) Income effect. (4) Consumer excess effect.

    Choose the righ

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    Types of measurement in Metrics:

    A) Nominal: a nominal scale assigns items to a category. For example, the category may be a simple "yes" or "no." In the case of a family, a nominal scale

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    The Profit-maximizing firms which operate in the competitive resource and output markets adjust the labor inputs till the wage rate equivalents the: (i) Average revenue from the output. (ii) Output price equivalents the average variable cost. (iii) Marginal utility of

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    When equilibrium moves from point a to point b, the merely market experiencing raise within quantity supplied is demonstrated into: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

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    Unregulated monopolistic firms which do not price discriminate do NOT: (i) have power as price makers. (ii) dominate the supply side of the market. (iii) select profit maximizing price/quantity combinations from the market demand curv

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    A candy factory generated 5.2 million packages of gummy worms in this year as well as sold them for $1.27 all. Last year this sold 4.7 million packages of gummy worms of $1.36 all. Such firm’s gummy worms have price elasticity of demand roughly

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    When the interest rate is 5% and a financial investment produces annual payments of price $50,000, in that case the present value of this asset is: (w) $1,000,000. (x) $5,000,000. (y) $500,000. (z) $10,000,000.

    Q : Is cotton textile is macroeconomic or

    Is the study of cotton textile business a macroeconomic or a microeconomic study?

    Answer: The study of cotton textile business is a microeconomic study.

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    Which of the given recommend that supply is most price elastic: (1) a pay hike from $400 to $800 monthly raises military enlistees from 12,000 to 28,000 monthly. (2) A 20% increase in goat milk production follows a 40% increase in the price of cow mil

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    When Mary usually quaffs three glasses of Lost Horizons Cabernet Sauvignon every day, her demand for her favorite vintage will be least probable affected by: (i) The plague of grape worms ruining the bouquet of Lost Horizons Cabernet (ii) Receiving a $2 an hour pay hi

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