Total variable costs in pure competition

This profit-maximizing, as in demonstrated graph, of brickyard’s total variable costs are about: (i) $200 per day. (ii) $600 per day. (iii) $750 per day. (iv) $900 per day. (v) $1200 per day.

440_Profit Maximization1.png

How can I solve my Economics problem? Please suggest me the correct answer.

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    For any firm along with some degree of market power but that cannot price discriminate, the price is: (w) constant along the demand curve. (x) identical with marginal revenue. (y) greater than marginal revenue. (z) less than marginal revenue.

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    An income elasticity of demand for mass transit of 0.6 implies that the demand for mass transit is/will: (1) a necessity. (2) a luxury. (3) rise at a slower rate than income. (4) fall when income rises.

    How can I s

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    In which market form, the products are distinguished.

    Answer: In Monopolistic competition

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    A monopolist will shut down during the short run when its equilibrium price as: (w) equals short-run average cost. (x) exceeds marginal cost. (y) is less than average variable cost. (z) is less than average fixed cost.

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