Three career opportunities in the field of finance

Describe the three career opportunities in the field of finance.




Finance has three main career paths:
a) Financial management
b) Financial markets and institutions
c) Investments.
Financial management is managing the funds of a business. Financial managers are those people who manage a business firm's funds to perform a number of tasks. They analyze and forecast a firm's finances; assess risk, evaluate investment opportunities, decide when and where to find money sources and how much money to raise, and decide how much money to return to the firm's investors.
Bankers, stockbrokers, and others who work in financial markets and institutions focus on the flow of money through financial institutions and the markets in which financial assets are exchanged. They track the effect of rates of interest on the flow of the money.
People of investment fields manage, locate and select income-producing assets. For example, mutual fund managers and security analysts both work in the investment field.

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