Sponges-beings-fundamental morphology-kind of symmetry

How are sponges exemplify according to illustration of representing beings, fundamental morphology, kind of symmetry, embryonic (or germ) layers and coelom, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, nervous system and kinds of reproduction?




Illustration of representing beings: sponges. Fundamental morphology: tubular or globular body with spongocoel, sessile, choanocytes, pinacocytes or amoebocytes. Kind of symmetry: not established. Germ layers and coelom: do not apply as poriferans do not contain true tissue organization. Digestive system: non-existent. Respiratory system: non-existent. Circulatory system: non-existent. Excretory system: non-existent. Nervous system: non-existent. Kinds of reproduction: sexual and asexual by larval stage.

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