social welfare function

what do you mean by a social welfare function? if you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? discuss such properties.

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    The demand curve for socket sets from the list below which is least consistent along with the law of demand is: (w) demand curve D1D1. (x) demand curve D2D2.  (y) demand curve D3D3

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    Supply is unitarily price elastic for all quantities and prices upon: (i) supply curve S1. (ii) supply curve S2. (iii) supply curve S3. (iv) supply curve S4. (v) supply curve S5.

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options.

    When a firm hires labor to a point where VMPL > MRPL = MFCL = w, then the (1) Firm consists of monopsony power. (2) Employees of firm are experiencing t

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    Price of related goods:

    a) Substitute goods – Whenever the price of substitute goods raises they become dearer whenever the price replaces goods falls they bec

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    When directory assistance adds to the variable costs of cell phone Company, in that case the efficient price for directory assistance from the vantage point of society as an entire would be: (w) zero. (x) one that covered the average

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    The consequences of price controls would be least discernible for a price ceiling set: (1) above the price equilibrium. (2) below the price equilibrium. (3) in a region of diminishing returns. (4) unfavorable to market companies. (5)

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    Extravagant and costly marketing through established firms in an oligopoly is probable to: (w) encourage entry by other profit maximizing firms. (x) raise the minimum efficient scale of production for new entrants. (y) act as a regulatory barrier of entry. (z) increas

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The Caveat venditor is an ancient legal doctrine which encourages: (i) Consumer exploitation. (ii) a ‘buyers beware’ approach. (iii) Enforcement of the seller’

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    When 200,000 gallons of water are applied per acre, 4 tons are harvested by each acre of linguini trees yearly, but cutting back to 160,000 gallons causes the crop per acre to reduce to 2 tons yearly. Then water elasticity of linguini production is as

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