social welfare function

what do you mean by a social welfare function? if you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? discuss such properties.

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  • Q : Costs and Operating Decisions The firm

    The firm will stop the progress of it operations unless the firm’s owner(s) anticipate that future revenues will: (1) Produce an economic profit. (2) Cover the predicted totals of all future explicit and implicit costs. (3) Yield an accounting profit. (4) As wel

  • Q : Total revenue raised by output

    A firm’s total revenue can definitely be raised by decreasing its output when: (1) its supply curve is perfectly price inelastic. (2) the demand curve for its output is relatively income inelastic. (3) this is currently losing money each period.

  • Q : Purely competitive firm with no market

    A purely competitive firm along with no market power faces: (1) a perfectly elastic demand curve. (2) a perfectly elastic supply curve. (3) a perfectly inelastic demand curve. (4) a perfectly inelastic supply curve. (5) a downward sloping demand curve

  • Q : Determine constant slope of demanded

    The slope of this illustrated figure of demand curve for DVD games is: (w) constant. (x) greater at high prices than at low prices. (y) lower at low prices than at high prices (z) unitarily elastic.

    Q : Employment distinguish between full

    distinguish between full employment and under employment

  • Q : Total variable costs in pure competition

    This profit-maximizing, as in demonstrated graph, of brickyard’s total variable costs are about: (i) $200 per day. (ii) $600 per day. (iii) $750 per day. (iv) $900 per day. (v) $1200 per day.

  • Q : Main cause of oligopolies A main cause

    A main cause of oligopolies is: (w) mergers. (x) economies of scale. (y) barriers to entry. (z) all of the above.

    Please choose the right answer from above...I want your suggestion for the same.

  • Q : Effect on tax burdens by price

    When the price elasticity of demand for wine as 2.5, in that case rise in the excise tax which raises its price will be: (w) increase total spending upon wine. (x) reduce total spending upon wine. (y) not influence wine consumption. (

  • Q : Entry of new firm in monopolistic

    Entry of new firms within a monopolistically competitive market: (1) is preventable. (2) may decrease the established firm’s production costs. (3) increases the established firm’s profits. (4) shrinks demand for a successful firm’s p

  • Q : Define Surveys or Polls Surveys or

    Surveys or Polls: The word survey or poll usually describes a method of gathering information from a sample of individuals. In contrast to a census, where all members of the population are studied, surveys collect details from only a part of a populat

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