social welfare function

what do you mean by a social welfare function? if you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? discuss such properties.

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    Relative to people along with lower incomes, and high-income families be likely to shop for groceries less often and use fewer discount coupons, although buy more throughout each trip, since: (w) their superior access to transportatio

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    The income elasticity of demand is a measure of the: (w) relative responsiveness of quantity demanded to changes within income. (x) absolute change within demand yielded by an absolute change within income. (y) slope of the income-consumption curve. (

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    The critics of ‘credentialism’ suppose that firms making employment decisions tend to mainly rely too heavily on: (i) Personal contacts. (ii) Personality testing. (iii) Past experience. (iv) Job interviews. (v) Formal education and trainin

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    i want to understand different market competitions using graphs and solving some problems

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    When a $5 price hike raises the number of tanks of dehydrated water supplied in this market from point e to point f, the elasticity of supply: (i) 2.333. (ii) 2.000. (iii) 1.667. (iv) 1.333. (v) 0.600.

    How can I so

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    Monopolistic competitive firms face: (w) perfectly elastic demand curves. (x) perfectly inelastic demand curves. (y) downward sloping demand curves. (z) the industry demand curves.

    Hello guys I want your advice. Pl

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    In the month of January, Disney World in Florida cut its ticket prices into half and starts letting all kids beneath age five without charge. The economic forecaster might reasonably expect: (1) A decline in demand for the tickets to Disney Land in California. (2) A r

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    LoCalLoCarbo has become the favorite of fad dieters. There in curve E shows: (1) LoCalLoCarbo’s marginal cost curve. (2) LoCalLoCarbo’s average variable cost curve. (3) LoCalLoCarbo’s average total cost curve. (4) the market demand curve facing LoCal

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    Monopolistic competitors generate differentiated goods which have numerous potential: (1) substitutes and important barriers to entry protecting them from potential rival producers. (2) close substitutes whose suppliers face no long run barriers to en

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    The demand curve depicts a negative relationship among price and quantity demanded since the quantity demanded rises if there is a decline in the: (1) Size of the family. (2) Incomes of the consumer. (3) Relative price of good. (4) Price of the substitute good.


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