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  • Q : Real Time Clock (RTC) and Time-out or

    Illustrates the following terms:  Real Time Clock (RTC) and Time-out or Time Overflow?

  • Q : Indirect Grid Connection & battery bank

    Large-scale use of wind power raises many questions in integration into the existing electric power grid. Wind power is an intermittent energy source which must be used when available. If a large fraction of a system's energy is to come from wind power, provisions must be made to supply load duri

  • Q : Frequency sampling method for

    Explain the principle of designing the FIR filter using the method of frequency sampling? Specify for what kind of the filters frequency sampling method is appropriate?

  • Q : Exemplary applications of Medium scale

    Explain the Exemplary applications of Medium scale embedded systems.

  • Q : Transformer and Induction machine

    Consider a transformer and the induction machine which have same supply. Specify for which device the load current will be maximum and why?

  • Q : Estimate diffusion current flowing from

    A piece of homogenous semiconductor material that is n-type of length 100µm as well as uniform cross-sectional area of 5x10-4 cm2 having a doping concentration of 1017cm-3. There a linear gradient of carrier concentrat

  • Q : Illustrates the term architecture design

    Illustrates the term architecture design?

    Answer: This says the means of implementing functions through a system. In fact architecture is a plan   for comp

  • Q : Memory system and memory less system

    Explain what is meant by the memory system and the memory less system?

  • Q : Define multiplexing Illustrate briefly

    Illustrate briefly the term multiplexing?

  • Q : Basic Neutralizer Control System See

    See the attachment Please write a report which includes:see the figures , and write3 pages 1) a short report that analyses the P&ID 2. A one paragraph introduction. 3. A paragraph about the process. 4. The instruments that are used (describe their tags following the slides). 5. Describe the co

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