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  • Q : Calculate the maximum thickness of the

    Excess minority carriers are injected within a thin slice of doped semiconductor of uniform cross-sectional region and are permitted to diffuse across the material. There diffusion coefficient for the material is 50cm2s-1 as well as the minority

  • Q : What do you mean by op-amp What do you

    What do you mean by op-amp? Illustrate briefly.

  • Q : Characteristics of main and peripheral

    Explain few characteristics of the main and the peripheral memory.

  • Q : Types of Frequency Modulation Explain

    Explain types of the Frequency Modulation?

  • Q : Find out Emitter Saturation and

    An n-p-n transistor contain the given properties are as follows::

    Doping Concentrations: Ne = 1018 cm-3, Nb = 1017 cm-3, Nc = 1015 cm-3. 

  • Q : Compute the minimum CMRR in op-amps The

    The instrumentation amplifier demonstrated below is used to monitor the human ECG. Common-mode interference is present that has amplitude 20 times which of the ECG signal. Compute the minimum CMRR needed in the op-amps used when the maximum error in the signal at the

  • Q : Estimate phase and gain margins of

    An operational amplifier contains an open-loop transfer function specified as:

    A(?) = 104/([1 + j(?/31.4x106)][1 + j(?/314x 106)])

    The op-amp is

  • Q : Use of SWAP function in 8051 State the

    State the use of SWAP function within the 8051?

  • Q : Find current in conductor of permanent

    The pole faces of a permanent magnet measure 100 millimeter high by 200mm wide. This is needed to acquire an acceleration of 10ms-2 of a single length of current-carrying conductor that weighs 250gm-1 and is positioned vertically inside the magnetic field, passing horizontal

  • Q : Find out the impedance Find out the

    Find out the impedance of the network demonstrated below as considered by the voltage source, V1, while operating at a frequency of 1 kHz. Express it in the form of phase and magnitude. Moreover, find the current drawn by the source by the network in simila

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